Welcome to Parsberg Hospital

We would like to welcome you warmly to the Parsberg District Hospital website.

On the following pages, the team at the Parsberg District Hospital invites you to take a virtual discovery tour of our clinic. We are a clinic specializing in internal medicine. We would like to inform you about the medical care options we provide, and also about new developments and current events of interest.

A brief introduction about our institution as well as our basic aim and principles should provide you with a first impression of our way of providing optimal medical care.

And now we hope you will enjoy your discovery tour!

The team at the

Parsberg District Hospital


Administration Communication
+49 9492 603-0

Unit 1
+49 9492 603-130

Unit 2 / Observation unit
+49 9492 603-140

Chief Physician secretary
+49 9492-603-111

Case management
+49 9492-603-418

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